domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Mùsica : Youkali & Harper . Excerpts from the Premiere Concert

Youkali & Harper - Excerpts from the Premiere Concert
Duo Youkali (Christiane Schalk and Michael Letzel) and Frank Harper got to know each other in March 2010. Together preparing the musical framework of a wedding they recognized a wonderful accord regarding their understanding of music and decided to continue as a trio in July 2010. Three months of intense rehearsing and kind togetherness followed yielding a set of 15 pieces of various styles including Klezmer, jewish songs, tango, flamenco, folk, dance tunes from various countries, french musette and pop covers as well as original ballads. The musical background of the band members cover still more styles ranging from classical music to rock, and since they are all open-minded... who knows what will happen.

Christiane Schalk vocals, recorder, percussion
Michael Letzel vocals, accordion, melodica, guitar, percussion
Frank Harper vocals, guitar

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