jueves, 22 de junio de 2017

Linux: Chakra Linux 2017 - See What's new

Chakra Linux 2017.03 “Goedel” is the latest release of Chakra Linux. As we know, Chakra GNU/Linux is an open-source operating system originally based on Arch Linux and the KDE Plasma desktop environment and implements a half-rolling release model for the repositories.

This release Chakra Linux 2017 ships with the KDE Plasma 5.9.2 desktop environment, KDE Applications 16.12.2 software suite, KDE Frameworks 5.31.0 collection of add-on libraries for Qt (both Qt 5.7.1 and 4.8.7 are included), Calligra 2.9.11 office suite, as well as the SDDM 0.14.0 login manager.

Chakra Linux 2017.03 is powered by the Linux 4.8.6 kernel and systemd 231. It comes with an updated graphics stack based on the Mesa 13.0.2 3D Graphics Library, X.Org Server 1.17.4, as well as the AMD Catalyst 15.9, Nvidia 370.28, Nvidia Legacy 340.98 and 304.132, xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.12, xf86-video-intel 2.99.917+722+g714052f, and xf86-video-ati 7.7.0 drivers.

Download Chakra Linux 2017 - https://chakralinux.org

Software that we are using for creating this video :
- Blender for Editing video - https://www.blender.org/
- Inkscape for create clip text and other material - https://inkscape.org/en/
- SimpleScreenRecorder for desktop recording - http://www.maartenbaert.be/simplescre...

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