domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

Linux: Deepin 15.4 - See What's New ..Linux Scoop

Deepin 15.4 is the latest release of the Debian-based deepin Linux distribution. This release features Control Center that makes it easier for users to set up various general settings for the desktop and the rest of the system, and a brand-new installation UI that offers smart detection for existing installation, helpful tips, and a QR code if you want to give feedback.

Powered by Linux Kernel 4.9.8, providing support for newer Intel processors from the 6th and 7th generations, integration of the MT Extra and webdings symbol fonts for the WPS Office free office suite, as well as multi-touch support. Ability to set a different wallpaper for each of the virtual workspaces, a brand new interaction experience for desktop hot corners, optimized UI and interaction of the Launcher, and 12hr/24hr time switching support in the panel.

For more details about deepin 15.4 you can refer to :

Software that we are using for creating this video :
- Blender for Editing video -
- Inkscape for create clip text and other material -
- SimpleScreenRecorder for desktop recording -

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