domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

Linux: BlankOn 10 Tambora ...Linux Scoop

BlankOn 10 codenamed “tambora” is the latest release of Linux Blankon. Linux BlankOn is a Linux distribution developed by the BlankOn Developer Team. This distribution is designed and adapted to the needs of the general computer user in Indonesia. BlankOn Linux is developed openly and together to produce a typical Linux distro of Indonesia, especially for education, office and government.

This release Blankon 10 ships with the latest desktop environment based-on GNOME 3.20 called MANOKWARI, based on Debian and powered Linux Kernel 4.6, introduce BlankOn Installer with brand new UI design and include new icon pack “Tebu Icon” designed by BlankOn Artwork Team

Among the default applications, we can mention LibreOffice version for default office suite. Firefox 47.01, Audacious, VLC Player, GIMP, Inkscape, Geary Email Client, GNOME Calender, GNOME Software and Support most application from GNOME 3.20.

For more details about BlankOn 10 tambora you can refer here :
Download blankon 10 tambora :
Software that we are using for creating this video :
- Blender for Editing video -
- Inkscape for create clip text and other material -
- SimpleScreenRecorder for desktop recording -

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